Automate your fleet key management

A secure key management solution powered by PoolCar booking
Stops unauthorised vehicle use
Eliminates taking of incorrect keys
Scalable to accommodate any fleet size
Capture trip data at check-out and check-in
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Automate the check-out and check-in of your fleet keys

Take the highlighted key - It's that simple

Keys are the linchpin of any shared fleet. Lose track of where they are, and staff will miss meetings and lose productivity. Not to mention that modern car keys can be incredibly expensive to replace. What should be a simple handover quickly turns into a frantic hunt to locate the last person to use the vehicle.

It doesn’t need to be this complex.

KeyMaster automates the check-in and check-out process, so you or the person in charge of keys doesn’t have to. It offers a centralised location to store all of your fleet’s keys and ensures that only the person with a valid booking can take a key. And because it’s powered by PoolCar, you have complete control over which vehicles staff have access to.

Goodbye lost keys. Hello KeyMaster.

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Product Features

Know where your keys are

One of the common issues with shared fleets is keeping track of the keys. It’s all too easy for someone to simply forget to check them back in or decide that they’ll hold onto them in case they need the vehicle again later. Now you’ve got to track them down before the vehicle can be used, causing delays and frustration.

KeyMaster eliminates this issue by making check-out and check-in part of the booking process. Staff need a valid booking to take the keys in the first place and must return them at the end of their trip. Plus, they can only take the key associated with their PoolCar booking.

Capture important trip data

Sometimes organisations need to capture specific information about an employee’s trip. Perhaps it’s the odometer reading, how full the fuel tank is, or which car park they left the vehicle in. KeyMaster gives organisations the flexibility to capture this data during check-out and check-in. The large touch screen can be used to capture any relevant information when it’s fresh in the driver’s mind.

Powered by PoolCar

KeyMaster is so much more than just a key storage solution. Because it’s powered by PoolCar, you’ve got the ability to manage your fleet however you want. Need to restrict access to particular vehicles to a specific department or role? Want to ensure staff can only take vehicles they’re licensed to drive? Have to capture cost centres or project codes for vehicle use? With PoolCar, all this (and more) is possible.
Advanced Functionality

Advanced Features

Affordable, Easy to Use

KeyMaster is an affordable, easy-to-use electronic key cabinet. When a driver enters their booking number at the large 7″ touch screen, the door unlocks and a light comes on to indicate which key they can take.

Booking Magic!

Capture Check-In data from drivers such as where the car is parked, odometer, fuel levels and if there is any damage. Automatically cancel bookings after 30 minutes when the keys are not collected (no-shows).

Unattended Key Dispatch

No need to tie up a receptionist or security officer with handing out keys. Staff make their bookings via Smartrak Pool Booking then collect the keys from the key box – self service, any time of night or day.

Network and Power Options

All units come with Ethernet connectivity as standard. KeyMaster units are compatible with most 3G/4G modems in the market. Mains power is also concealed inside the unit.

Business Continuity

Cabinets include a mechanical override to release a key in the event of a malfunction, crisis or emergency. All units now come with an integrated battery-backup power supply which means the cabinet keeps working even if the power goes out.

Smile! Say Cheese!

As standard all units come with an integrated pin-hole camera to ‘snap’ the driver taking the keys, for completeness of electronic log book data.

More Powerful

KeyMaster cabinets can run different monitoring processes concurrently, such as alerting administrators if tampering is detected or the power is cut. Smartrak can also log in remotely to upgrade the firmware and diagnose any issues.

Smartrak Designed

KeyMaster key lockers are designed, built and supported by the Smartrak team, not re-badged boxes from another vendor. They’re 100% our intellectual property so you can be assured they will work straight out of the box with Smartrak. There’s only one vendor to contact for support.


Being integrated with PoolCar means Check In/Out data is synchronised with bookings and your vehicle fleet. Administrators can be alerted if the power is cut, keys are overdue for return and even automatically cancel bookings where the keys are not collected within a certain time frame.

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Shared fleets perform a vital role in many organisations. They provide a flexible transport solution that can be utilised by all staff, while offering means to maximise returns on fleet assets. To that end, it’s vital to ensure that all assets are used efficiently and effectively.
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