TrakWiseTM KeyWatcher

A secure, centralised locker to house all your pool vehicle keys, the TrakWise KeyWatcher will support administration and security of your fleet’s key management.

The TrakWise KeyWatcher ensures that all users accessing the Fleet’s pool keys are authorised whilst avoiding the issue of staff taking the wrong keys for the incorrect vehicle.

Without the issues of unauthorised use, vehicles that are booked more consistently available improving the efficiency of your fleet pool and minimising disruption.

The TrakWise KeyWatcher seamlessly integrates with the TrakWise Pool Booking system to manage and book vehicle use and access.

Key Features

  • Security of pool vehicle keys

  • Eliminates unauthorised use or cases of taking the incorrect keys

  • Integrates with the TrakWise Pool Booking system

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keywatcher, TrakWise KeyWatcher

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