Health and Safety Management

TrakSafe is a broad portfolio of personal safety devices that support people in a range of environments and scenarios; from low risk to high risk. Smartrak’s TrakSafe solutions connect remote staff with support services either, in-house, or in a monitoring centre, for immediate response in an emergency.

Staff operating in an urban, or rural environment, or driving, are often considered to be lone, remote, or isolated workers. Equipping lone workers with personal safety devices ensures you can be alerted and locate them in cases of duress, and that your organisation’s duty of care is being fulfilled.

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Frontline Safety
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High Risk Safety
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Specialist Environment Safety
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Vehicle Based Safety

How are you protecting
your Lone Workers?

Frontline Safety

No matter the role, frontline staff are the face of your organisation. Operating in roles that often have regular contact with the public, frontline staff are a subset of staff that are often overlooked as lone workers.

Many frontline staff operate on company property, others will be travelling and working in urban and regional environments with few direct environmental risks. But they face risk none-the-less. Disgruntled members of the public, stray animals, and vehicle accidents are all common examples of everyday workplace risks that are faced.

High Risk Safety

Workers in roles that face elevated risks on a regular basis, require personal safety devices that can support them with additional functionality. Key to staff in high risk safety roles are the requirements for additional man-down alert types to ensure their condition is monitored and can be automatically updated at all times.

Staff in these roles are primarily operating as lone workers without support; communication as a result becomes increasingly important to ensure staff can check in and provide updates of their status.

Specialist Environment Safety

Not all staff work in ideal conditions. Rain, dust, and rough conditions demand a device that can continue to operate irrespective of conditions. Staff using specialist environment safety devices require solutions that meet the rigours of the conditions, both in durability and standards.

If you require devices that meet intrinsically safe standards or that can handle the challenges of remote, outdoor work, you’re in good hands.

Vehicle Based Safety

Safety of staff doesn’t need to be managed on a 1:1 basis with devices. Often staff are operating in or nearby vehicles on a regular basis. Vehicle-based safety is a flexible solution that leverages your existing investment of in-vehicle tracking through an AVL and adds duress functionality. Vehicle-based safety takes advantage of existing AVL connectivity (cellular or satellite).

Need help choosing the right solution(s) for your organisation?

Explore Smartrak’s personal safety devices

Device Emergency Communication
Description User location USB Power Waterproof / Dust Proof Intrinsically Safe Manual Duress Inactivity Detection Tilt Detection Condition Check Wearable Duress Button 1-Way Voice 2-Way Voice Messaging
TrakSafe Mini Personal, discrete emergency trigger
TrakSafe Personal Locator Robust personal locator with emergency trigger
TrakSafe Personal Locator with Inactivity Detection Robust personal locator with added emergency trigger in case of inactivity
TrakSafe Protector Pro Personal locator for lone workers with two-way voice
TrakSafe Protector Pro with SRD Personal locator for lone workers with voice and up to 5x wireless buttons
TrakSafe Protector EX Personal Locator for lone workers with voice and an intrinsically safe rating
TrakSafe Spot Gen3 Satellite based locator and emergency trigger
TrakSafe InReach SE+ Satellite based locator and emergency trigger with two-way messaging
TrakSafe Shout TW Satellite based locator and emergency trigger with two-way messaging
TrakSafe Duress Pendant Emergency trigger within 200m of vehicle, supporting up to 4 pendants

For more information on how the TrakSafe portfolio can be integrated into your organisation, talk to a Smartrak expert